White papers

Here below you find a list of geophysical short notes or papers related to problems of seismic reservoir characterization. For each item in the list, you can find a short description of the topic. If you are interested, you can download the full document.

Bayesian risk modification using multiple DHI attributes

This paper gives the detailed derivation of the generalized Bayesian theorem, which we have to use during risk assessment of a prospect, in cases with more than one geophysical DHI (Direct Hydrocarbon Indicator) attribute. A case study was published in First Break 2017, volume 35, issue 1.

Volume of shale and clay

In shaly sand systems, the terms volume of shale and volume of clay, together with effective and total porosity play an important role and must be used carefully. The paper derives the formulas to compute these items from gamma ray logs, as it is done in modern rock physics software such as RokDoc. All formulas to transform quantities between the two porosity systems are given.