Amisia GeoConsultants ...

... is a privately-owned, independent, geophysical consultancy company. We offer services mainly in the domain of Seismic Reservoir Characterization (SRC) or Quantitative Interpretation (QI).

Our customers are companies of the oil and gas E&P industry as well as geothermal energy companies. If your challenge is to confirm the presence of a hydrocarbons or geothermal reservoir, to assess and risk a lead or prospect with respect to porosity, permeability, pore fluid content or fractures, we are able to assist you.

We like to help you with solutions to individual, non-standard problems, which larger consulting companies would struggle with. You need a second, independent opinion about the reliability of a seismic analysis or study? We can do a thorough evaluation of the quality of this analysis or study and give recommendations how to deal with it.

We provide services in terms of

  • well-to-seismic ties,
  • seismic inversion of both post- and pre-stack data,
  • AVO analysis,
  • rock physics analysis and modeling,
  • seismic forward modeling and many other techniques.